July 3, 2018

Within the scope of Agricultural Expansion Program in Ahvaz, which is the administrative center of Huzistan State in Iran, LİMA TARIM MAKINALARI DIŞ TİCARET SAN. TİC. LTD. Company and the Nikoo Dashte Diba, at the field study activity 2018 Project of Innovations Project held, covering; Pneumatic Crop, Field hoeing and Pesticide Machines, at the provinces of Luzhistan and Khuzistan, was organized.

Nearly 200 leading farmers from around the provinces participated in the event organized at Dezful. Reşit Ünal, one of our company’s officials, said that in the coming years, the Project of Agricultural Innovation Expansion Program will cover all provinces of Iran, especially Ahvaz. Dr. Reşit Ünal also stated that this plant had optical sensor measurements in the plantation to determine optimum dosage and that maximum quality was achieved by using fewer medicines during the year of production and that the project was prevented from overdosing to reduce nitrate pollution and prevent environmental pollution.

Finally; Nikoo Dashte Diba company executive Vahid Mohammadzadeh said that with the project, farmers will be able to increase their productivity by producing new cropping techniques based on traditional cultivation, maintenance and fertilization methods, he said that he had earned more money.

To increase trade between Turkey and Iran have said they want to join us to talk with Iranian officials in Bangor Resale farmer support programs.

Later on, the technical details of the project were explained practically in the field of demonstration.